Why Note Taking is Important? Keyboard Vs Pen Paper

I Consultant, determined in the digital process transformation. Will not delve immediately in to process flow and tools Visio, excel, word etc., I love to sketch in pen and paper, create a story that brings me rational thinking, connecting ideas, integrating emotional responses, screening of ideas, mental briefing and processing of ideas when information gathered and lot more.

Typical day of mine sitting in the meeting rooms, gathering requirements, consulting advisory, and at same time my computer typing skills helps in capturing information in excel / word document. Whole day it is eye to eye on my computer, and when i started using Pen Paper to gather information & sketching, at-least i am taking out sometime of my day from computer. A Health Mint :-)

Cognitive Advantage

Pens and Keyboards has different cognitive process. “Handwriting is a complex task which requires various skills — feeling the pen and paper, moving the writing implement, and directing movement by thought,” says Edouard Gentaz, professor of developmental psychology at the University of Geneva. Upright i feel, this cognitive differences. When i am using my computer to draw the process flow, i certainly making 0.5% mistakes but drawing down on a paper, leveraging freedom that sharpens my mind and focus. However, certainly i will re-draw the same in any tools in presenting to stakeholders. This enabling me to think on alternate use cases and validating the use cases by converting my sketch on a paper to digital format via any tools.

Focus & Listening is always a key for consulting

In requirement gathering & advisory sessions, i would always associate the contents by drawing relations or a simple flowchart to understand and emulate the alternate / exceptional cases. In this events, my mind when i access tools and practicing key board, spending the energy levels and focus on which tool to use and how to associate etc., When comes to sketching / writing in a paper, association is easy and significantly my focus is never lost. Paper allows much graphic freedom than the tools which we use.

After the meeting hours, still i go to drawing board or a pen paper to draw out the items with more focus and creativity. Only i confirm and acknowledge that i am done with rational analysis of the context discussed in meetings, i will end up in converting in to a digital content where i do the next run of validating the analysis that is already on paper / board. Here i express the Freedom of focus and creativity. It keeps away the distraction, and the simplicity of pen paper means you must concentrate.

This again, how comfortable we are in Pen vs Keyboard. From the Consulting perspective, i love to use pen paper in the meetings and initial sketching. Just an experience and perspective journal :-)

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