I Consultant, determined in the digital process transformation. Will not delve immediately in to process flow and tools Visio, excel, word etc., I love to sketch in pen and paper, create a story that brings me rational thinking, connecting ideas, integrating emotional responses, screening of ideas, mental briefing and processing of ideas when information gathered and lot more.

Typical day of mine sitting in the meeting rooms, gathering requirements, consulting advisory, and at same time my computer typing skills helps in capturing information in excel / word document. Whole day it is eye to eye on my computer, and when…

The very first piece, I wish to clear the misconception that, the Lean management is applicable for Manufacturing. No beloved readers! It is not true; the Lean management can be applied in any industry even in the personal events.

Let’s see the type of mistakes that are mostly applied, experienced in the IT industry, referring to Lean Management genre.

1) Overproduction

This can be termed effectively as faster than the necessary pace. Specifically, in the Business analysis, the faster inferring the solution without validating the assumptions, specifications will havoc and down run the entire project life cycle.

Overproduction (Faster than…

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Business analyst is liaison with all the stakeholders. This eventually a center of attraction in any project. I would say, rather than a Project manager, the Business analyst certainly a driver of wholesome.

If you could perceive an architecture of a building, Business analyst is base of a building, roof and cement. Having said that Business analyst a wholesome. I might be biased here as a Business analyst, i am trying to express that business analyst is every part of a cellular structure in a project. You can’t ignore this.

Business Analyst a courage to say,

  • We align the assumptions…


Digital (Process)Transformation Consultant, leveraging a business values, culture and process oriented engaging technological products and services.

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